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Top Market for U.S. Agriculture Products

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in the world for U.S. exports of processed foods, totaling $1.1 billion

Over 20% Increase in Sales

$1.6 Billion
U.S. exports of agricultural products to Australia in 2021

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA) in Canberra, hereinafter referred to as “Post,” reports that Australia has proven to be an appealing and profitable market for U.S. companies. Australia is a prosperous and industrialized nation with a stable economy. Underpinning Australia's strong economy is its open and transparent trade and investment environment, and trade and economic links with emerging economies, particularly in Asia.

The Australian economy has rebounded strongly following the pandemic, although some labor shortages are still affecting manufacturing and agricultural sectors. International shipping delays have eased, and some importers are reporting some normalization of costs. Consumer confidence and spending have continued despite sharp rises in inflation.

The U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) also provides advantages for U.S. products, which are well regarded as high quality and good value. In 2021, U.S. exports of agricultural products to Australia totaled just over US$1.6 billion, an increase of 12% over 2020. Australia ranks 10th in the world for U.S. exports of processed foods, totaling US$1.1 billion in 2021, which was down 4% from that of 2020. Top U.S. processed food exports to Australia include food preparations, processed/prepared dairy products, alcoholic beverages, dog and cat food, chocolate and confectionery, canned, dried and frozen fruit, and snack foods.

Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Food Exporters in Australia

Post adds that like all vital U.S. agricultural export markets, Australia comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges.



  • No language barriers. 
  • U.S. products have excellent image and acceptance. 
  • Northern hemisphere seasonal advantage for fresh foods, e.g., fruit and vegetables. 
  • The U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement enables a majority of U.S. products to enter Australia tariff free.


  • Australia has strict quarantine requirements for fresh products, and import permits are required for fresh produce.
  • Australia is a significant producer of a similar variety of agricultural products.
  • “Buy Australian” campaign is significant.

Top U.S. processed food exports to Australia included:

  • Food Preparations
  • Processed/Prepared Dairy Products
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Dog & Cat Food
  • Chocolate & Confectionery
  • Canned, Dried and Frozen Fruit
  • Snack Foods


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