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Global Trade is a partner with INTTRA for you to submit all your shipping transactions automating your processes

(Booking, Shipping Instructions and VGM) to our carrier members via three channels:


Joining the INTTRA Network Provides You with Benefits

NVOCC Ocean Trade Platform

Worldwide Export Trade Services

The INTTRA by E2open Global Services team, with offices in three continents, is dedicated to ensuring customers can successfully utilize the INTTRA Platform. With over 18 years supporting electronic booking transactions for the ocean shipping industry, INTTRA’s global coverage and comprehensive global support services will ensure your business is always in capable and experienced hands, no matter the challenge.

Latest Ships and Trucks

Forecasting and Allocations

INTTRA’s solution for container forecasting and allocation help shippers drive real-time capacity management for global MQC splits between different service loops and deliver immediate benefits to their business operations.

Ocean Schedules

INTTRA’s enhanced Ocean Schedules solution offers the most comprehensive schedules dataset in the industry, a user-friendly web interface, and the latest API technology. INTTRA Ocean Schedules provides shippers with everything needed for more efficient search capabilities and better supply chain planning.


Electronic Container Booking

INTTRA Booking reduces errors and increases the speed of ocean booking processes. The INTTRA platform provides shippers with direct access to the most extensive ocean carrier community. With one simple connection, users will have 24/7 access to book with their preferred carriers.


Our Global Shipping Network

Fast and secured delivery on scheduled time

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What is the INTTRA Ocean Trade Platform for Carriers and NVOCCs?

It’s a digital platform – a one-stop connection to the most extensive network of ocean shippers – that enables electronic booking, digital exchange of shipping instructions and bills-of-lading and container tracking. VOCCs and NVOCCs will have the ability to approve customer participation requests, and customer mappings can typically be activated in 24 hours.

Labor Spot Rate Offers

Promote spot rate offers directly to customers during the booking process for that lane. Submit Spot Rate details to the INTTRA booking platform for shippers to select at the key decision time.

Electronic Booking

Connect to the INTTRA platform and receive ebookings directly from the largest network of shippers in the ocean freight industry. Respond faster, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction.


Shipping Innstructions

Shipping instructions are submitted electronically, reducing manual effort and ensuring more of your customers meet your documentation cut-off times.

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Fast and secured delivery on scheduled time






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